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We have helped people like you save thousands of dollars, while providing premium services that are second to none. We charge by the scope of work – not the sale price of your home.

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  • Select a Plan

    You choose which plan best suits your needs; the Premium Service or the Concierge Service

  • Pre-Market

    We start by getting you instant cash offers for your home before we go to market.

  • To the Market

    If needed, we take your home to market, providing you with unparallel service second to none.

  • Save with our Flat Rate

    You get top dollar for your home and save big with our Flat Rate services & Instant Cash Offers

Our Flat Rate Services


You will receive multiple cash offers before your home goes on the MLS.



Get the best representation at an affordable price that makes sense!



Let us handle everything with our all inclusive concierge service.


*The above rates are for the listing commission only. View our full Terms & Conditions here.

Avoid high real estate commissions

See how you can save thousands and get top notch representation
when selling your home.

Benefits of our flat rates


In a traditional real estate transaction, the seller’s agent would charge 3% of the sale price to list your home. With our premium service flat rate plan, you get top-notch service at an affordable price that makes sense!

Shouldn’t you pay by the scope of work – not the sales price of your home?

Your Home’s Sale PriceTraditional 3% CommissionPREMIUM Flat RateYour Savings

Above 600k ask for details.


You often hear, “You pay for what you get” when you tell an agent that you are being offered a flat rate commission structure. Are those agents spending as much time and energy as we are with our concierge service? I bet not and oh by the way… we are doing it for thousands less than them.

Your Home’s Sale PriceTraditional 3% CommissionCONCIERGE Flat RateYour Savings

Above 600k ask for details.

*The above rates are for the listing commission only. View our full Terms & Conditions here. is powered by
The Meru Group with RETHINK Real Estate.

Inspired by Mount Meru
Meru Peak, located in the Himalayas and standing at just over 21,000 feet, is one of the most difficult mountain peaks to summit in the world. To conquer it, you must perform at a very high standard in all disciplines, including ice climbing, rock climbing, big wall climbing, mixed climbing, and expedition climbing. Managing the logistics of Meru alone is more than most people can imagine. In fact, experienced climbers have failed to reach the peak for over 30 years.

Then, one team changed everything. In 2008, three mountaineers ascended Meru, just missing the summit by 100 meters. Two years later, they nearly died while training for their second attempt. Driven by determination, propelled by past mentors and carried by their joint efforts, the team successfully reached the top of Meru Peak in 2011.

About The Meru Group
The Meru Group was founded on many of these same principles. We’ve taken the time to put together the right team of agents. A group with integrity and deep experience – one who has weathered even the toughest real estate terrain and knows what to expect at every step. Our goal? To be that trusted, reliable guide. One who never gives up and helps our clients expertly navigate the market. To meet our goals and reach the top… together.

Whether it’s a mountain or the real estate market, facing new challenges can be tough. Don’t go it alone. To be as successful as you can be, it’s important to have the guidance of a seasoned real estate team. A team you can trust at every turn.

Founded and led by veteran real estate expert Chad Grabham, The Meru Group is a team of agents under the RETHINK Real Estate brokerage. We invite you to RETHINK Real Estate and the way you buy or sell your next home using our innovative search techniques and proven marketing system.

Great things never come easy, but great teams can accomplish RESULTS THAT MOVE YOU.


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