Buyers can save too!

Buy with us and we’ll credit up to


of our commission to you*!

How Our Buyer credit works

When you buy with the THE MERU GROUP at RETHINK Real Estate, you can relax! You’ll have an agent who is 100% committed to negotating the best terms and conditions on your next home. You’ll have access to some of the most advanced technology in the real estate industry. Plus, you can save thousands with the RETHINK CREDIT! When you buy with us, we’ll credit up to $10,000 of our commission to you!*

Home Sale PriceRETHINK Credit

We’ll apply your credit to one of the following: Purchase Price, Inspections, Home Warranty, Closing Costs, Pre-Paids, HOA Dues, Appraisals, or Other Lender Allowable Costs…

You get to choose!

*The above credits are estimated only. View our full Terms & Conditions here for all details and exclusions.

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